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Swabs pig

1# - 1.5# - 2# - 2.5# Ether foam Swabs "For all your pigging needs"

Foam Swabs, also called cylinders are uncoated polyurethane foams. We have various densities for different applications. Drying, multiple diameter pipe runs, and proving are a few of the areas where this type of product is used. The most common foam bare cylinder is made from 1 PCF polyether polyurethane foam. This is the most economical grade of ether. We provide sizes for 4" to 48" pipe made to order. We can provide ether densities up to 2.5 PCF. We also provide polyester polyurethanes for special applications. We can rapidly turn orders from a box via UPS to T/L's to any part of the US`. We have the experience and expertise that you are looking for. Let us know how we can help you move forward.

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